The Fennec Contract

During her wishes to the Forces, on 21 January 2019, Minister of the Armed Forces Florence Parly announced the notification of the global maintenance contract for the Fennec helicopters in the Army. As part of the Ministry of the Armed Forces' strategy to improve aircraft maintenance and availability, the Aeronautical Maintenance Directorate (DMAé) has signed an outsourcing contract with HeliDax.
The object of this 10-year contract is to implement the 18 Army Aviation FENNEC helicopters (AS555N) based in Le Cannet-des-Maures (B.E 2è RHC), to maintain them in operational condition and to provide flight hours for the pilots.
This makes it possible to reduce the cost per flight hour from nearly €3,500 to €1,800.

HeliDax continues to expand

After a six-month competition against renowned competitors in the aviation sector, HeliDax was able to meet, for the first time since its creation, a major technical and commercial challenge.

This 10-year contract will mainly be honoured at the Army Aviation School Base located in Le Cannet-des-Maures (B.E 2è RHC) but contractual services are also planned throughout the country, notably for the benefit of the regiments of the 4th Combat Aviation Brigade (4ème Brigade d'Aérocombat”).

Some 20 additional jobs

Thanks to this contract, the company is proud to announce the creation of some 20 jobs. 8 have been provided at the headquarters in Dax (B.E 6è RHC), 3 at an Army Aviation Regiment in the North East of France, probably in Etain (3è RHC) and 15 in Le Cannet-des-Maures (B.E 2è RHC).

As HeliDax celebrated its 10th anniversary and its success as part of the State Partnership Agreement that binds it to the Ministry of the Armed Forces, this new achievement contributes to broadening and deepening the close relationship between the Dax-based company and the Public Body.

It also strengthens its special relationship with Safran Helicopter Engines and Airbus Helicopters, not to mention SAF Helicopters, whose renowned skills in the much closed circle of the “rotary-wings”, will make it possible to carry out all the major inspections of the FENNEC fleet.



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