Maintenance & Onshore operations

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Who are we?

3 hommes devant un hélicoptère Helidax

January 2008 : the first partnership contract (PPP: Public-Private Partnership) ever launched by the MoD is entrusted to HeliDax.

The company is based within the EALAT school in Dax, southwest of France. This company originates from an association between BABCOCK MCS France and DCI, both 50% shareholders.More...


High quality services

HeliDax relies on facilities and means in order to fulfil its customers’ expectations and achieve its upmarket services provision:
- Workforce: more than 50 people for management, repair/assembly shops, navigability, implementation and logistics More...

Third party revenue

The range of services that HeliDax can offer allows revenues from customers other than the Ministry of Defense:
- Helicopter engine maintenance
- Avionic equipment maintenance More...